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European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research (ISSN 1567-7141)


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Volume 14, Issue 2, online dd May 14th, 2014

Table of Contents

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Editorial Board

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S. Lenferink, T. Tillema and J. Arts

Lifecycle driven planning of infrastructure: public and private experiences with more integrated approaches for managing project complexity

Abstract Full text pdf

P. Næss, J. Andersen, M.S. Nicolaisen and A. Strand

Transport modelling in the context of the ‘predict and provide’ paradigm

Abstract Full text pdf

G. Circella, J.D. Hunt, K.J. Stefan, A.T. Brownlee and M. McCoy

Simplified models of local transit services

Abstract Full text pdf

E. Molin and G. van den Bos

Car drivers’ preferences for ISA policy measures

Abstract Full text pdf

L. Wismans, E. van Berkum and M. Bliemer

Handling multiple objectives in optimization of externalities as objectives for dynamic traffic management

Abstract Full text pdf

D. Meers and C. Macharis

Are additional intermodal terminals still desirable? An analysis for Belgium

Abstract Full text pdf