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European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research (ISSN 1567-7141)


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Volume 14, Issue 3, online dd September 1st, 2014

Table of Contents

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Editorial Board

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V. Aguiléra and R. Seidowsky

Editorial: Towards energy efficient and sustainable transportation networks

Abstract Full text pdf

C. Andrieu and G. Saint Pierre

Evaluation of ecodriving performances and teaching method: comparing training and simple advice

Abstract Full text pdf

J. Fu and G. Bortolin

Gear shift optimization for off-road construction vehicles

Abstract Full text pdf

C. Rolim, P. Baptista, T. Farias and O. Rodrigues

Electric vehicle adopters in Lisbon: motivation, utilization patterns and environmental impacts

Abstract Full text pdf

T. van Lier, A. de Witte and C. Macharis

How worthwhile is teleworking from a sustainable mobility perspective? The case of Brussels Capital region

Abstract Full text pdf

S. Gori, S. La Spada, L. Mannini and M. Nigro

A new methodological framework for within-day dynamic estimation of pollutant emissions in a large congested urban network

Abstract Full text pdf

S. Argollo, R. Bandeira, L. Mello and V. Campos

Humanitarian supply chain: an analysis of response operations to natural disasters

Abstract Full text pdf