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European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research (ISSN 1567-7141)


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Volume 11, Issue 2, online dd April 11th, 2011

Table of Contents


Editorial Board

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Timothy Donnet, Robyn Keast and Arron Walker

Fitting Airport Privatisation to Purpose: Aligning Governance, Time and Management Focus

Abstract Full text pdf

Veronique Van Acker, Patricia L. Mokhtarian and Frank Witlox

Going soft: on how Subjective Variables Explain Modal Choices for Leisure Travel

Abstract Full text pdf

Allan Woodburn

An Investigation of Container Train Service Provision and Load Factors in Great Britain

Abstract Full text pdf

Adam Pel , Michiel Bliemer and Serge Hoogendoorn

Modelling Traveller Behaviour under Emergency Evacuation Conditions

Abstract Full text pdf

Paolo Delle Site and Francesco Filippi

Stochastic User Equilibrium and Value-of-time Analysis with Reference-dependent Route Choice

Abstract Full text pdf

Alfonso Herrera García and Eric Moreno Quintero

Strategy for Attending Takeoffs and Landings to Reduce the Aircraft Operating Costs and the Passenger Delays

Abstract Full text pdf

Xiaoning Zhang and Bert van Wee

Efficiency Comparison of Various Parking Charge Schemes Considering Daily Travel Cost in a Linear City

Abstract Full text pdf

Sven Vlassenroot, Eric Molin, Dimokritos Kavadias, Vincent Marchau, Karel Brookhuis and Frank Witlox

What drives the Acceptability of Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA)?

Abstract Full text pdf

Shlomo Bekhor

Book Review: Tampère, C.M.J., Viti, F. and Immers, L. H. (eds.): New Developments in Transport Planning: Advances in Dynamic Traffic Assignment

Abstract Full text pdf